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Advice on Beauty and Skincare the Natural Way

What makes a women tick now and days is the fact that women in ancient times are no different to the present day. As a mater of fact they use to go to great lengths to stay beautiful and well groomed. In fact people in general go to great lengths to stay young and with stand the ageing processes. And science is vastly gaing knowledge over time, but still that is not enough nature still has the upper hand on that score.

It’s strange though we all tend to believe in a strange sense that nature and science will come together at one point in time, this decade or the next to fashion a cure or remedies , that will slow or even reverse the ageing clock considerably. So in short we do not have to worry.
That would be nice but unfortunately we do not have this as a necessity in life so we have to make do with what is available to use today. For example research hands on anti ageing practices such as exfoliation of the skin, which helps to prevent oily skin. I would like to provide you with a few skins care tips of my own which are backed up by hands on research and plain and simple facts.

Use plenty of water on you face and mostly water based products, using oil based creams create a surplus of oil on the skin and that in my opinion cause the skin to become unhealthy and cultivate a breading ground for spots and acne. Another good skin care tip is to keep your face clear of all make up especially in the summer as that is a time when the skin is more in need of more water because of the temperature.

Use more moisturiser cream tackle this problem, moisturizing the face is good for the skin and also produces great skin and this in turn will produce the natural look all round good skin practice. But if a little make up is needed then a little blush may be appropriate in my view and maybe some natural lipstick.

You must not go to sleep with make up on your face it must be removed at all times.
Mainly with the use of a facial cleanser, all cosmetics should be removed preferably with cleansing milk. This skin care advice is crucial.

If you do not use make up it is still important to cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed as it prevents acne.

And finally use an estrangement to close the skin pores so you don’t gather any unwanted dust particles so precious pores will not get clogged.
And that ladies is skin care my way.
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By Andrew Dekannwarri

Beauty and Blueberries

Natural and organic beauty products have been leaving their mark. Ingredients, such as natural essential oils, have been used to enhance the skin and reverse again effects. Fruit is especially popular in wholesale cosmetics.

The blueberry is an amazing choice to have in beauty products. It has antioxidants in it that get rid of free radicals on the skin. Free radicals are what cause your skin to age.

Blueberries are a great source of vitamins. They are particularly equipped with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with beauty because it promotes skin cell removal, which is essential for healthy skin.

Blueberries are used a lot in wholesale cosmetics because they have both vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C and antioxidants together can do a great job of preventing wrinkles naturally. Blueberries are also consumed in the diet as a healthy fruit choice.

Blueberries are included in a lot of wholesale cosmetics. You can also make up your own cosmetics to use. There are plenty of recipes online that incorporate blueberries, such as body wash and face masks.

Blueberries are great for homemade recipes. An inexpensive, popular option is to put blueberries, oats, honey and almonds. Blend together in a blender and make a paste to apply to your face. This facial really improves the appearance of the face.

The recipe listed above can also make a great body scrub. When blending, instead of making a paste you leave things choppier. A body scrub really helps to exfoliate dead skin.

Blueberries being used in wholesale cosmetics is a wonderful idea. They are very beneficial to the field of beauty. Blueberries are very helpful in making your dreams of looking beautiful become a reality. They are a healthy and natural way to look and feel your best, and that can boost your spirits as well.

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