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Differentiating Between Drugs and Cosmetics

It’s often hard to understand a product’s label. Take lotion for instance. There are some lotions considered drugs others considered cosmetics and some just considered plain lotion. From a legal standpoint, the difference lies in the product’s intended use. There are different laws and regulations depending upon the type of product that define proper labeling. However, not all companies follow the law when marketing their product. There are many cosmetics marketed as drugs and vice versa daily.

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act defines ad drug as “articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease” and “articles (other than food) intended to affect he structure or function of the body of man or other animals” (FD&C Act, sec201(g)(l). The act states cosmetics are “articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body…for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance” (FD&C Act, sec. 201(i). Although the lines can be blurry for some products, products included under the cosmetic label perfumes, skin moisturizers, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, toothpastes, deodorant, facial and eye makeup, permanent waves, and hair color.

If a product has two intended uses, it may qualify as both a cosmetic and a drug. For instance, toothpaste that contains fluoride is both a drug and cosmetic. Moisturizers with sun protection fall in both categories as well. Products like these may be marketed under either label.

The phrase cosmeceutical has become a trendy these days. However, don’t let it fool you. It has no significance. It is simply a name marketers made up. The Federal Drug & Cosmetic Act does not have a “cosmeceuticals” category. By law, the term has no meaning.

A product’s intended use is established through various ways. First, any claim on the product label or made through advertising can establish intended use. Secondly, consumer perception that is established through a product’s reputation establishes use. Therefore, if a consumer purchases a product with a certain expectation in mind, that is it’s “intended use”. Lastly, if the product contains an ingredient that causes the product to be considered a drug by the mainstream. Toothpaste would be an example of this. Fragrances that are marketed as aromatherapy can meet the definition of a drug.

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Derma E – Working For Beauty and Skin Health

If there’s one thing a lot of people are looking for in the skin care products they use, it’s effectiveness. But beyond that, people are starting to look for more than a luxurious name and glitzy containers; they also want something that isn’t just powerful, but is also made of natural, healthful ingredients that don’t just eliminate skin problems using harsh chemicals. Derma E’s skin care products fit the bill, and these products have been getting the thumbs up from users for many years now.

One of the things that sets Derma E apart from all other beauty product brands is its formulation. Derma E is paraben-free and won’t clog your pores at all, leaving you with nothing but clear, healthy skin. Its products are also infused with botanicals, antioxidants, and nutrients. Tea tree oil is one of the ingredients that make up many of Derma E’s products, and it has proven to be an extremely effective antibacterial agent.

Apart from cleansing, moisturizing, and beautifying the skin, Derma E also has a reputation for eliminating any unpleasant skin disorders, such as insect bites, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, and even blemishes and scars. Derma E’s scar gel in particularly works miracles even for serious scarring. It has a rich blend of vitamins that work together to promote natural, healthy cell growth on the affected area. It has been shown that people who have scars see positive results after a few months of applying the scar gel. Of course, while Derma E is a miracle worker, instantaneous results are too much to ask, and you would have to wait for a couple of months to completely eliminate your scars.

Apart from the Derma E scar gel, its microdermabrasion products are also enthusiastically supported by people. Fortified with nutrients, the Derma E microdermabrasion scrub is packed with crystals that slough off dead skin and remove fine lines and blemishes. Derma E also has treatment lines that have antibacterial and antifungal properties, cleansing the skin and healing other types of skin problems.

If you prize your skin’s health while prioritizing its beauty as well, Derma E is one of the best products you could try. It goes deeper beyond simply beautifying one’s skin and does a splendid job of curing any skin ailments you have at the same time.

Natural Skin Care Products for Natural Beauty and Radiant Skin

As our environment is becoming more toxic so is proper skin care becoming increasingly more important. Our surrounding environment comprises of increased UV radiation and pollutants, which expose our skin to a range of harmful chemicals daily. The last thing your skin needs is skin care creams and lotions that are filled with toxic and synthetic chemicals. Most brands of skin care product ingredients contain potentially harmful and synthetic chemicals of which some are carcinogenic. Making use of organic or natural beauty products will reduce the chances of chemical load and will help you maintain a flawless complexion. There are several advantages using organic and natural beauty products for your overall health and skin.

Products containing natural ingredients contain no toxic or harmful chemicals, no artificial colorants or fragrances and have not been tested on animals, and making use of any of the natural skin care products you have less chance of developing allergic reactions. Natural skin care ingredients are easily absorbed by your skin, contain natural nutrients and contain essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients to promote the healthy skin. Certified organic ingredients are used and are 100% natural. To ensure effectiveness, quality and freshness most natural and organic beauty products are handmade under experienced medical herbalists and pharmacists. These natural products are also environmental friendly and when you purchase these products directly from the manufacturer you will save money. The average person sprays, rubs and suds a host of different beauty products on their skin daily, and we absorb these chemicals we expose ourselves to as the skin is like a sponge as opposed to being a barrier. The FDA and cosmetic companies claim that these chemicals are safe; however, many are in minute doses. Take into consideration that we all bath daily, spray perfumes and apply lipstick, creams to our skins daily which begins to add up over time. No one really knows how these chemicals combinations react in our bodies or affect us over a long period of time. For example phthalates is hormone disruptor that causes infertility, birth defects and other, and this is used in all artificial fragrances.

Almost all of the skin care and cosmetic ingredients have not been properly evaluated for safety by the FDA according to the Environmental Working Group. There have been no reports of anyone dropping dead after using a beauty product but these toxic chemicals have known side effects that can cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, birth defects, cancer and other side effects. The European Union has already banned more than 1,110 cosmetic product ingredients and 10 are banned in the USA. Steer you shopping cart clear of synthetic and toxic products for you skin.